Investment Products

Good investment in fast-growing business

IDF Eurasia has been successfully operating in the market since 2012 and has become one of the largest players in microfinance in the Russian and Kazakh markets for this period. We are holding the ВВВ credit rating with stable forecast according to the Expert RA. This is the highest rating among IFO in Russia

  • UP TO 16,5%
    loan and bond profitability
  • 450
    institutional and private investors
  • 3,8 billion ₽
    issued bond amount
  • Loan Investments

    Only for the Russian citizens

    • UP TO 16.5%profitability
    • UP TO 12 monthsperiod of placement

    Simple and understandable instrument with clear reporting and monthly interest payment

    Bond investments

    • up to 12%profitability
    • up to 1,000 RUBminimum amount

    Bond acquisition with regular interest payment and possible sale any time

    By developing and implementing the advanced technology, we would like to bring the microfinancial services in Russia to a brand new level that will surpass the international standards.

    We invest the involved money in business scaling and development that makes it possible to strengthen and add to the positions in all fields of activity