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Three fourth of customers are willing to recommend the company to their friends
15 June 2020

IDF Eurasia (Moneyman brand) conducted a survey of the net promoter score (NPS), which reflects the willingness of customers to recommend the company services. To do this, we performed a survey among more than 2,500 borrowers. The respondents were asked “What is the probability to recommend our service to your friends, acquaintances, or colleagues?”. It was also suggested to evaluate the probability to recommend the services of microfinance company on 1-10 rating scale, where 1 is “I will not recommend”, and 10 is “I will definitely recommend”.

In the survey, respondents are divided into three categories based on points given by them: adherers of our service (9 or 10), neutral customers (7 and 8), and critics (0-6 points). In particular, 80% of respondents fell to the first category, while 5% of respondents were the critics. NPS was 79%. It must be noted that in comparison with the results of a similar survey conducted six months ago, the NPS index increased by 4 points.

It is interesting that in relation to the banking sector (according to NAFI), the NPS fell to 5 points in 2020, showing almost a three-fold decrease compared to the indicator of 2019, when it was 14 points. It is also noted that every third Russian citizen (34%) is not satisfied with their main Bank (and is probably looking for its replacement). NPS of 5 points among banks was the lowest for all the time of NAFI research (statistics are published since 2016).

Irina Khoroshko, CEO of IDF Eurasia in Russia:

“We regularly monitor the net promoter score. This is one of the key metrics for our company. The NPS is particularly relevant now, when due to current events, market participants are highly focused on working and maintaining the current customer base. Measuring the index also allows to detect the clients’ flow from neutral to critical, and promptly take appropriate measures.”

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