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IDF Eurasia places a new bond issue in the amount of 500 million rubles
6 March 2020

The issuing company is Online Microfinance LLC.

The yield of the coupon is expected to reach 13.0 – 14.0 % per annum, which corresponds to the yield to the annual offer of about 13.8 – 14.9 % per annum. Herewith, monthly coupon payments are provided for bonds, which will maximize the effective yield for investors.

The issue is registered by the Moscow Exchange, the collection of applications for the conclusion of preliminary contracts is planned to be carried out from March 11 to 16. The maturity of securities is 3 years with an offer in 12 months. The face value of one security is 1,000 rubles.

The organizer of the issue is expected to be Renaissance Broker. The issue includes a guarantee on behalf of IFC Moneyman LLC and a public irrevocable offer from Online Finance LLP.

We should recall that Online Microfinance is part of the IDF Eurasia group, the largest online crediting service in Russia and Kazakhstan, operating in these countries under the Moneyman and Solva brands. Being the flagship of financial and technological transformations in Eurasia, in its approach the company combines the use of advanced developments in the decision-making system with the principles of responsible crediting. Moneyman has the highest credit rating ru BB+ among microfinance companies from Expert Rating Agency.

“Our new issue has become yet another step in the systematically implemented strategy of the company to develop business and build positions in the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan. Funding through bonds still remains an effective tool for both parties: for the issuing company because of convenience and affordability, for investors because of its flexibility,” Boris Batin, IDF Eurasia co-founder, commented.  

According to the ranking of the National Rating Agency, Moneyman is in the Top 3 in terms of loan portfolio among IFOs in Russia. According to the results of 9 months of 2019, the total net profit of IDF Eurasia in the markets of Russia and Kazakhstan exceeded 700 million rubles.

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