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IDF Eurasia is in the rating of the largest companies in social media
10 July 2020

According to’s survey dedicated to the rating of the largest microfinance institutions in social media in 1Q 2020, Moneyman (IDF Eurasia Group) entered the list of leaders.

The rating was based on the total number of subscribers in the most popular social media in Russia — VK, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. It is also noted that from April to June, only three companies participating in the rating (including Moneyman) broke the mark of 4% in the growth of followers.

Irina Khoroshko, CEO of IDF Eurasia in Russia

“The company gives great attention to social media. For example, we are the first among all MFIs in Russia to receive official status of our pages in VK and Facebook. For us, social media is an effective tool for consulting. Every month we process about 12-13 thousand requests, thereby significantly unload the call center. We have a really interested and engaged audience. We regularly perform various competitions, promotions, and content to keep them engaged. Our one post in VK has 5-7 thousand views with a number of subscribers of about 45,000, which is a very high. In general, the number of subscribers is not the only important criteria for evaluating it. You should look at it as a whole… the number of clicks from social networks, the tone of users’ messages, their loyalty, and on and on.”

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