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IDF Eurasia is going to hold free workshops on financial literacy
3 November 2020

Workshops on financial literacy for people and business will be held in Taldykorgan and Kapchagai during November. The project is organized by IDF Eurasia in Kazakhstan (MFI and Solva MoneyMan) with the support of local administrations of the two cities.

The ability to properly manage your own funds is a vital skill for a modern person. The main objective is to increase the knowledge level of people in finance and budget planning.

“Financial literacy projects are gaining steam all over the world. After all, the financial education is one of the foundations of economic stability.   As part of our trainings, participants will learn how to really assess their financial condition, spend wisely and not risk their own money,” says Dalida Davlyatshina, Operations director of IDF Eurasia group in Kazakhstan (Solva and MoneyMan MFI brand).

This year, the trainings will be held in two cities: Taldykorgan and Kapchagai. But in the next year, training workshops will be organized in all regions of Kazakhstan, added Davlyatshina.

The training will be conducted by experienced mentors: personal growth and financial literacy co-coach Zhanna Arinova, and business coach, effective sales leader Galiya Koyanbayeva. Galiya Koyanbayeva has more than 18 years of experience in project management, risk management, and increasing the financial performance of small businesses.

The target audience is not only ordinary citizens, but also regional entrepreneurs.

Participation in this workshop is an opportunity to learn how to make a financial plan correctly, control the family and personal budget, use financial instruments, understand, calculate and analyze interest rates in credit institutions, as well as correctly keep records of income and expenses.

Entrepreneurs will be able to learn how competent money management can increase sales figures, increase the company’s capital, and also gain skills for effective investment.

During the month, it is planned to conduct 4 workshops in each city. In Kapchagai, trainings will start on Tuesday, November 11, then on November 21, 25 and December 2. In Taldykorgan, on November 13, 20, 27 and 28.

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