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IDF Eurasia initiated a project to support individual entrepreneurs
21 May 2020

MFI Solva launched a project to improve financial literacyThis is a series of free trainings with an experienced business coach Galiya Koyanbayeva. The goal of the project is to help individual entrepreneurs in the regions navigate the conditions of quarantine and get out of it with minimal losses.

The project to improve financial literacy, organized by MFI Solva, is aimed at individual entrepreneurs in the regions.According to the initiators of the project, this is one of the most vulnerable categories in the business sphere.All training takes place online and for each region is 4 days.

In an easy and accessible way, the trainer Galiya Koyanbaeva in her sessions talks about the fundamental things for any business:sales in 2020, taking into account the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, market research, deep study of the target audience, sources of attracting customers, building a sales structure.Each course includes not only a theoretical base, but also carrying out practical assignments to consolidate knowledge and develop appropriate skills for webinar participants.In addition to basic knowledge, Galia Koyanbayeva shares a checklist for a soft and painless exit from quarantine.

A series of webinars has already taken place for entrepreneurs of Pavlodar region.

«During these trainings we made diagnostics of the General level of knowledge of entrepreneurs of the Pavlodar region. It turned out that most participants participate in such training for the first time», – notes Galiya Koyanbayeva, – «In addition, it emerged that often entrepreneurs cannot decide on the choice of a niche and therefore go a less expensive way. For example, having trained as a tender specialist, they are engaged in public procurement.But at the same time, about 70% of participants admitted that they do not like their work and do not see a way out. Most of them do not know about the financing provided by microfinance institutions. Meanwhile, with a competent approach, this tool can be used quite effectively for the development of their own business».

In addition, another no less serious problem was identified – entrepreneurs do not know the basic fundamentals of organizing a company’s structure, building a team, building relationships in it and setting goals, they also lack knowledge about selling goods and services.However, judging by the reviews of participants in the series of webinars of MFI Solva, these gaps were closed by acquiring the necessary knowledge base during the training.

«I’ve learned so much about my business. I have already started to apply my knowledge in practice and within a few days I was able to sign two new contracts without any problems. And this is within a few days after training», – the individual entrepreneur Rinat Kultumanov from Ekibastuz shares his victories.

«I live and work in a small town.To tell you the truth,entrepreneurs in the regions have a difficult time, we are stewing in our juice and most often build a business on a hunch. Not always, of course, correctly.Getting not just a consultation, but four fruitful days of working with an experienced and competent business coach was a real success. Each of us has learned a lot of useful things and has already started to implement them in practice. MFI Solva provides invaluable support to Kazakhstani entrepreneurs with such projects», – says  Zhanna Arinova, an Ekibastuz entrepreneur. Pavlodar region was the first to launch a project to improve financial literacy for individual entrepreneurs from the Solva MFI. In the near future, similar trainings will be held for businessmen of the Kyzylorda, Semipalatinsk and Almaty regions.

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