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IDF Eurasia in Kazakhstan completed the second stage of financial literacy seminars
24 November 2020

The IDF Eurasia group in Kazakhstan (Solva and Moneyman brands) held four of the eight training seminars in Taldykorgan and Kapchagai. Free seminars are held as part of the project to improve financial literacy of people. They are supported by city administrative offices.

The second part of seminars covered topics related to financial accounting and business planning. There was also a lecture on loan instruments.

As a result of the second stage, the relevance of educational activities on financial literacy was once again confirmed.

As a result of surveys, it turned out that participants experience an acute lack of knowledge on the issues discussed: 99% of participants do not make a monthly financial plan, and 70% of participants newly learned about what a loan refinancing is.

During the first stage of the seminars, a low level of financial literacy among citizens was also noted. So, 100% admitted that they do not keep record on monthly expenses, 80% do not plan a budget, and 70% of listeners said that they do not understand the types of loans.

The purpose of financial literacy seminars held by the IDF Eurasia group in Kazakhstan (Solva and Moneyman brands) is to provide urban people with the basic knowledge of personal finance necessary for proper management of their own budget. Thus, educational workshops will help KZ people to improve their financial condition and learn how to form monetary reserves for the future.

At the end of the second stage, the total number of participants exceeded 300 people. Four more workshops will be held till the end of the month. Classes are held online and offline simultaneously. Thanks to this, participants who are not able to attend the seminar in the classroom can connect to the training remotely.

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