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IDF Eurasia Group in Kazakhstan presented computer equipment to “Luch Sveta” Foundation
30 December 2020

As part of the social responsibility program, the IDF Eurasia Group in Kazakhstan (Solva and Moneyman brands) provided financial support to “Luch Sveta” Foundation to purchase necessary equipment for development classes with special children.

Luch Sveta is organized by parents of special children. Its main mission is to improve the quality of life of children and families raising children with difficulties.

“Basically, these are children diagnosed with autism, children who were left behind, who are not accepted even by state specialized institutions. Children study at home,” says Leyla Bayramova, director of the foundation.

“Providing feasible financial assistance for charitable purposes is one of the social tasks of the IDF Eurasia Group. We understand how important such projects are and try to help them as much as possible.  In this regard, it was decided to make a small gift to the foundation and children on New Year’s Eve,” said Dalida Davlyatshina, Operations Director of the IDF Eurasia Group in Kazakhstan.

Director of the foundation Leyla Bayramova notes that such tangible financial assistance to the foundation is provided for the first time. “Of course, we really need financial support. Until the end of this year, we had no support. Only small amounts from private entrepreneurs. We have no trustees or sponsors to support the foundation. We do everything absolutely by ourselves,” she added.

The funds received will be used to purchase equipment necessary to work with special children.


Correction and development center for sensory integration “Luch Sveta” opened in November 2016. The center specializes in working with children with autism (delay in psychoverbal development), delay in speech development, ADHD, sensorimotor alalia and other developmental disabilities. It also has groups of preparation for school for normally developing children.

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