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Almost 80% of customers are ready to recommend service to friends
6 November 2019

78% of users of online lending services are ready to recommend it to their acquaintances and friends, as it follows from study. The company conducted a survey of the Consumer Loyalty Index (NPS), surveying more than two thousand customers. They were asked the question “What are the chances that you recommend the service to your friends, acquaintances or colleagues?” The respondents were suggested to estimate probability of service recommendation according to the scale from 1 “I will not recommend” to 10 “I will surely recommend it”

The NPS survey determines the number of supporters (those who answered 9 or 10 to the question), critics (0 to 6) and neutral clients (7 and 8). The index is defined as the difference between the share of supporters of the brand and its opponents. For example, supporters of the MoneyMan service as a result of the study amounted to 78%, critics – 7%, NPS index was 71. This is one of the highest indices on the Russian market. MoneyMan conducted a similar study in June, then the NPS index was 68 points.

According to Delighted service, which evaluates NPS in various sectors, the average consumer loyalty index in car sales is 48, retail – 35, banking – 32, and fast food market — 30, hotel business — 37. Companies like Apple or Amazon have NPS ranging from 60 to 90. The average value of NPS for the banking market in 2019 in Russia was 14, according to the NAFI study. Less than 40% of respondents are ready to recommend their main bank to friends. Aeroflot’s NPS index in 2017 was 72.5 and Tele 2 — 44. General Director of Irina Khoroshko: “We regularly measure the level of customer loyalty. This is one of the key indexes for our business, as it is mostly focused on repeated placement of orders by customers. Traditionally, the financial sector has a low NPS. For example, the mortgage banks of NPS have not more than NPS=5. Therefore, it is especially important that only the best companies could boast such high level of loyalty as we have — 70 points. To achieve this, we listen to all user feedback. Improving customer experience, in June we introduced a new position of the borrower’s rights commissioner.”

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