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The key to our success lies in the company’s intellectual capital. We understand the importance of continuous professional development.

We value teamwork and support the exchange of experience between departments. You will be surrounded by incredibly talented people with whom you can confidently undertake the most challenging tasks.

Influence and Responsibility

We believe that we work for the benefit of society. Our mission is to accelerate people’s transition to financial prosperity. To teach consumers how to use credit responsibly — only when necessary.

We are changing the financial industry to allow people to improve their quality of life. If you have an incredible idea to disrupt the financial sector, feel free to suggest it and we will implement it together.

Work–life balance

We are convinced that the balance between work and leisure is the basis of efficiency.

We believe that you can engage in sports and music, contemporary arts and also be a professional in office. Therefore, we will not object if you need to leave on a personal matter. Just try not to forget about the project.

Our principles

The only asset of the company is the intellectual work of its employees. Hire, hold and develop the best.

Believe in what you do and encourage change. Making mistakes is normal; if you’re not making mistakes, you are not doing anything new.

We will constantly be facing incredible challenges: be confident in yourself and the team to cope with them.


We are building a global financial institution.

Prioritise and think critically. It is easy to get lost in a routine if you do not remember the goals of the company.


The result is the only thing that matters. Sometimes expert decisions are good, but in most cases we have data to make a decision.

Get data and manage it wisely. This will help to achieve outstanding results.

Always evaluate the economic consequences of your actions.

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